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1,500 Downloads Later, a Pause

Greetings, Dear Listeners!

We received notification last week that Paradise Reclaimed Podcast has surpassed 1,500 downloads. Thank you for your interest, your listens, and for referring us to friends and family. We’re grateful. Ecstatic, in fact.

It just so happens that this milestone came right on the heels of our podcast’s one-year

birthday. Dr. Teri and I recorded Episode 1: “What is Paradise Reclaimed Podcast” in April 2020, just as the world went into lockdown, face masks became a standard accessory, and work for many of us pivoted from an office-based endeavor to something we did remotely from home. Now, a year later, critical masses of people are getting vaccinated. Dr. Teri and I fully anticipate another reweaving of our social and cultural fabrics.

Now, coincidentally or not, Dr. Teri and I have decided the time has come for us to reweave the fabric of Paradise Reclaimed Podcast too. How did we decide this?

Of Books and Balance

A few good reasons. First, Dr. Teri has immersed herself into not one but two book projects at the moment. She and her editor have reached a creative flow state, and the spirit of inspiration, intuition, and innovation has manifested in a wonderful way. This said, bringing these books to light has proven demanding of her focus. As these manuscripts take shape, they will invariably inform the topics we cover in future Paradise Reclaim podcasts as well as the ways in which we cover them.

For my part, I’ve found my product marketing services to be a hot commodity among my organizational peers. Growing demands for my time have left me with much less time for Paradise Reclaimed, including at night and on weekends. It’s a good news-bad news situation, of course, and it brings a mix of gratification and concern. Balancing work and life remains an elusive but essential quest. My inner leader insists that I continue to pursue it, no matter how long it takes or where it leads me.

Toward a Love-Conscious Leadership Ideal

Rest assured that Dr. Teri and I are committed to carving out time to process Paradise Reclaimed Podcast, identify the aspects our listeners find essential, and jettison the aspects that aren’t. We’ll look at developing an editorial calendar as a means to improve our show’s quality and relevance. And vitally, you can expect a sharper focus on Love-Conscious Leadership, a term Dr. Teri and I have embraced that we feel crystallizes the ethos at the heart of her book ventures and leadership coaching practice.

At the same time, we hope to bring new voices and perspectives into our discussions, to ensure that we cover all facets of leadership, whether at work, within the family, and across our communities.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the twenty podcast episodes available to you. We fully expect to tweet or post past episodes whenever their themes pop up in late-breaking news and events.

We look forward to sharing news on the renovations we will adopt for Season Two of Paradise Reclaimed Podcast.

Keep up the good work,


[Graphic credit: Photograph by Pixabay. Used under Creative Commons CC0. Source: Pexels.com]

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