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Welcome to Paradise Reclaimed

We're live! We're live, we're live, we're live!

How exhilarating for us!

Oh, but what a snooze for y'all, yet another podcaster squawking and flailing to be heard above the din of the million-plus other podcasters already out there.

Right? Guilty. But so what?

The truth is, Dr. Teri and I never set out to launch a podcast series. That wasn't part of the original deal. The original deal is a story about how two acquaintances came to discover they shared a common love of an uncommon list of random stuff. Stuff like sustainability, spirituality, emotional maturity, and professional ethics. The nature of truth. The colors of love. Qwerty keyboards. Tiger nuts.

And so it crossed my mind one afternoon, during an especially heated discussion – whether about the many shapes of Samantabhadra, the genius of a Canadian company's minimal-waste laundry detergent strips, or the culture of entitlement, who can remember? – that if I were to secretly click on the recorder app on my smartphone, we might just have ourselves a podcast.

Not that that's what you've just listened to, or are just about to. Nope, Paradise Reclaimed is the product of months of brainstorming, soul searching, and googling that followed that initial inspiration. Yet for all that noodling, our esthetic compels us to eschew scripting and rehearsing. Refreshingly candid? Amateurishly sloppy? You be the judge.

Anyway, we hope we've got something fun for y'all. If we're super-lucky, maybe something we say will make you see a familiar idea or phenomenon in a different light.

But any education that happens from listening to Paradise Reclaimed is strictly accidental.

So keep your expectations in check, set your podcast player to PLAY, and let us know how it goes.



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